System and Network Vulnerability Assessment
We offer a comprehensive analysis of your network and system security condition. We have deep and practical experiences about latest network and system weaknesses currently exploited by hackers. Through this assessment, we will identify your network and system vulnerabilities that might lead to unauthorized access, disclosure and denial of services.
Your business critical application runs on an integrated network of systems. The individual weaknesses present among the infrastructure components, such as operating systems or network devices, could be exploited by a malicious user for an attack. In view of the current IT infrastructure complexity, a vulnerability assessment is usually the most important part of an overall risk assessment.

Firewall Optimization
Through a non-intrusive manner, we review your critical firewalls (and also network equipment, which may have access control lists) and identify the risks and redundancy, including risky configurations, shadowed or redundant firewall rules, and non-complying settings. We employ industry grade security modeling tool to conduct the analysis. The results could great enhance the firewall security and operation efficiency.
Firewall is a crucial component to secure your infrastructure, yet its management is very difficult. A firewall must be always-on. Very often it is regulating traffics for multiple business functions and applications. The rule-set is frequently changed to catch up with the business development. Very fast, a firewall rule-set becomes very complicated, difficult to manage and review, and may contain unknown security loopholes.

Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
We target the vulnerabilities existing in your security infrastructure and web applications. Through our ethical hacking and penetration testing activities, we uncover your weakness most likely to be exploited by malicious users. The detailed report following our service will provide detailed findings and recommendations, and will definitely help you protect yourself before the real attack.
Over the life cycle of the web applications being deployed, regular check should be done. Ethical hacking and penetration testing is one of the most effective means to identify the critical flaws and risks hidden in the codes.